Portable Oxygen Concentrators

  • A Portable Oxygen Concentrator is designed to be portable by using a smaller mobile device and using alternate forms of power, namely; AC power, DC power and battery power.
  • A Portable Concentrator works in a manner similar to a full size concentrator by concentrating the existing oxygen in room air to deliver it at 90% to 95% purity.
  • Oxygen can only be distributed at the direction/prescription of a licensed physician.

  • Plug your Portable oxygen concentrator into a properly grounded & polarized wall outlet. 
    • Do not use an extension cord.
    • Do not plug into an outlet controlled by a switch/dimmer.
    • If you are unsure if your outlet is properly grounded/polarized, contact an electrician.
    • Do not remove the ground connector, or file down the plug.
  • Do not block any of the air openings of the concentrator.
  • Do not place the concentrator on any extremely soft surface, such as a bed, sofa, or blanket.
  • Keep at least 3 inches from walls & draperies.
  • Do not place the concentrator in a small, enclosed area, such as a closet.
  • Keep the concentrator away from dirty/dusty areas.

  • Before using your concentrator insert and charge your battery. You may use your concentrator while charging your battery. Charge time will vary but may take up to 5 hours. Refer to the battery charge icon on display. (Note: The battery MAY NOT charge while using DC power.)
  • Power ON the device and allow it to warm-up. Wait to use until the green indicator light is illuminated to insure the device has reached maximum oxygen output.
  • Attach the nasal cannula to the oxygen outlet.
  • Select the flow mode, either continuous or pulse, if applicable.
  • Adjust the flow setting to prescribed level. (Note: Do not change from prescribed flow setting or mode without consulting your physician.)
  • Battery time will vary depending on flow, mode, breath rate and temperature.
  • See troubleshooting guide for any alarms. (Note: DO NOT ignore any alarms.)
  • To clear a loss of power alarm, hold the power button down for 5 seconds.
  • To power OFF your concentrator press and hold the power button down for 2 seconds.

  • Check the Air Inlet Filter daily and clean as least weekly. (Sponge-like filter, usually located on side or back of concentrator). 
    • Run it under tap water to remove all dust/dirt/lint.
    • Shake out excess water.
    • Dry with a lint free towel, or allow the filter to air-dry. (Some towels can actually clog the filter.)
    • Replace the intake filter prior to using.
    • DO NOT use the concentrator without the intake filter.

  • Oxygen is nonflammable, but supports combustion. All sources of ignition, spark/flame must be kept at least 10’ away.
  • NO SMOKING within 10’ of oxygen source including application device.
  • Post NO SMOKING signs where oxygen is in use or stored.
  • Always have a backup system/plan in place if concentrator malfunctions.
  • Contact our office immediately if your equipment is malfunctioning.