What Will Medicaid Pay For?

  • One Concentrator
  • One Backup Tank
  • Four "E" Tanks (per month)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will Medicaid pay for a conserving device?

Medicaid will not pay for a conserving device; however, conserving devices are available for purchase from Alpine Home Medical.

What do I do if I want more tanks than the allowed 4 "E" tanks per month?

You can print off THIS FORM and have your doctor fill it out to have Medicaid authorize more tanks. You can also purchase more tanks from Alpine Home Medical.

How often will Medicaid pay for tanks?

Medicaid will pay for four "E" tanks every month.

How often will my concentrator receive service?

Medicaid Oxygen of Utah will service your oxygen equipment every 90 days. If you have problems with your oxygen equipment, please call 1-888-988-2469 and we will help you get your equipment running correctly.

What can I use my portable oxygen for?

Medicaid will only pay for portable oxygen for use to and from doctors' appointments, therapy, or in some instances, to travel to and from school.

What do I do if my concentrator stops working or the power goes out?

You should have been provided an emergency backup tank that you can connect to in the event of an emergency. If you do need to use your emergency backup tank, please call Medicaid Oxygen of Utah at 1-888-988-2469 so we can replace your emergency backup tank if needed.

How do I get new tubing?

Contact Medicaid Oxygen of Utah at 1-888-988-2469 and we will mail out some new tubing or cannulas. You can also come into any Alpine Home Medical location and pick them up. We can also provide new tubing when we service your oxygen equipment and when we deliver tanks to your home.

What if I have special circumstances?

Please contact one of representatives by calling 1-888-988-2469.