"We believe our employees are our greatest asset." Alpine Home Medical Mission Statement

We Love What We Do

There aren't many professions where you can say you truly make a positive difference in people's lives day in and day out, but here at Alpine Home Medical, that's our reality. Ask any employee - from our customer service agents to our drivers and everyone in between - and they'll tell you how much they love bringing health, wellness, and independence home to our amazing patients and customers! 


Why We Work at Alpine

There's a reason - actually three reasons - why our employees love their work and typically stay here for years. They can be summed up with three simple "F" words (don't worry, these are the GOOD "F" words!)



Since Alpine Home Medical was founded in 1997, company leadership and management has worked hard to create, cultivate, and encourage a family-like environment where employees feel safe and appreciated.

Today, we have hundreds of employees across nine different retail and office locations - from Idaho Falls, ID to St. George, UT. That many employees across such a large geographical area creates a challenging dynamic of maintaining a strong, centralized culture, but nobody pulls it off quite like Alpine. Indeed, whenever employees from our different locations gather together, it feels a lot like a family reunion. Each and every employee who works or has worked here has felt this family-like solidarity and has made friends for life!

We don't just care about our employees feeling like family members in the workplace, we also care about our employees' and their families out of the workplace. Employees are strongly encouraged to maintain a healthy, balanced work/family life and are never expected to dedicate too much time to their work.



Few careers offer the fulfillment that comes from helping people with their health and wellness on a daily basis, but that's exactly what we get to do here at Alpine. We understand that our business isn't about numbers, it's about the people who come through our doors who rely on us to bring improvement to their lives.

Aside from the assistance our employees get to provide with their jobs, Alpine provides them with frequent and fulfilling opportunities to give back to the community we're a part of. For example, the B in Motion Foundation - founded by Alpine CEO Jay Broadbent - provides free medical equipment to people who can't afford it and employees have the chance to donate their time, talents, and resources to this incredible cause. Employees are also encouraged to take part in service activities during working hours.

Personal fulfillment is also an important element to working at Alpine Home Medical. Employees from all levels are encouraged to contribute and bring ideas to the table to improve the company. Opportunities for growth and internal advancement are a given; in fact, many of our leadership positions are currently filled by employees who, through hard work and motivation, started with us at the ground level.



If you can't have fun at work, it's probably time to find a new job...

At Alpine Home Medical, our employees know how to have a good time! Aside from a fun camaraderie with fellow co-workers, frequent parties, activities, and contests throughout the year give employees a chance to take a break, let their hair down, and have a great time at work!

What's Happening at Alpine?

November 20, 2017

Blazers and Waffles Day

Employees at all of our retail and office locations wore their finest and goofiest blazers to work and enjoyed a buffet of waffles for breakfast.


December 20, 2017

Ugly Sweater and Gingerbread Party

Employees at all of our retail and office locations wore their ugliest Christmas sweaters and tried their hands at building gingerbread houses. Votes were cast and prizes were awarded to the owners of the ugliest sweaters and the most magnificent cookie abodes. 


January 19, 2019

Hot Chocolate, Donuts, and Band T's

Alpine Employees got a chance to let their hair down and "rock out" in their favorite band t-shirts! It was also a perfect, cold January day to enjoy some delicious hot chocolate and local artisan donuts. Yum!


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