Continuous Improvement


At Alpine, we realize that the need to improve is a continuous process. 

Every few months, Alpine hosts a “Kaizen” – which is Japanese for “improvement,” or “change for the best.” We set out on a week long journey with an objective in mind. The direction is established by a committee, and the goal is to continuously improve.

Prior to the Kaizen starting, a topic (or objective) is chosen. It is usually determined through an employee suggestion. A committee is then assigned. Members from all areas of the company that are affected by the topic come together to improve the topic. The directions and topic they are given are very broad, and it’s their task to determine where to take new processes. They do this by analyzing the current state of the process, and determine improvements that can be made for a future state.

Employees throughout the company are encouraged to send anonymous thoughts or ideas based on the outcome of each Kaizen.