Q: My compression stockings are tight and difficult to apply by hand. What is the best way of putting them on?

A: If you have difficulty putting on your compression stockings with only your hands, the best way to apply them is by using a compression application aid like the Medi Butler. Watch the short, step-by-step tutorial below to see how to use the Medi Butler.

Q: How often should I replace my compression stockings?

A: Proper care will increase the life span and effectiveness of a pair of compression stockings, but due to frequent stretching and standard wear-and-tear, you should replace your stockings about once every six months for optimal medical benefit.

Q: Will my insurance cover compression stockings?

A: Your insurance may partially or fully cover your compression stockings. If you'd like to see if you are qualified for coverage, please contact Alpine Home Medical's customer service team or send an online inquiry here. To see if your insurance is in network with Alpine Home Medical, visit our Utah or Idaho insurance pages.

Q: How do I measure to get the correct size of stockings?

A: For the most accurate measurements, we highly recommend that you visit your nearest Alpine Home Medical location for assistance from a trained service representative.

If you would prefer to take the measurements yourself, use a flexible measuring tape, follow the diagram below, and make sure to record your measurements in centimeters. An Alpine customer service representative at the showroom or over the phone can help you use your measurements to ascertain the proper size of stockings.